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Tonny Kroon
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Special Techniques

Some problems require special solutions.
Now that's an area we like; 

For example; how to direct your bass....

In several occasions we applied our Smart Cardioid technology, to get the bass there, where our customers want it.

Or the other way around; to get substantial bass reduction there where your bass is not appreciated...

Smart Cardioid technique is a method to shape the pattern of your bass coverage.

Normally, bass is difficult to stop or steer, and subs tend to radiate in all directions. (circular pattern, see picture on the right)

By a specific arrangement of the subs, and by processing a different signal for both subs, we can substantially reduce the bass level in a part of the coverage area. (see picture on the left)

Wonderful to dramatically reduce the bass in your paybox for example.

In another case we have provided a switchable bass pattern to a big ride with 4 massive subs.
The user can "aim"  his bass to the front, back, left or right by the flick of a switch.

If you' re curious what this technique can do for you just let us know.

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