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Amplifier / mixer combination

Our MA112T powermixer is available in a 220,  400, and 800 watt version,  in 2 as well as 4 ohm.
Very easy to operate, and of course equipped with a very effective overload protection.
Ideal as power source for our PKT10e and PKT12e loudspeakers, for example.

Depending on speaker type, two or four loudspeakers can be powered by the MA112T.

A very attractive concept can be made using the 800 watt Digital Lightweight version of the MA112T:
2 up to 4 small tops and 1 centre sub.

Ideal to create a BIG sound using very compact speakers!

Just ask us for all possibilities.

Technical data MA112T

Power: 220 or 800 watts
Impedance: 2 or 4 ohm

microphone volume,
microphone tone,
effect/sampler volume,
talkover sensitivity,
music volume, 
master bass, 
master treble

Microphone : XLR female
Effect/sampler : 2x cinch
Music 1: 2x cinch
Music 2: 2x cinch

Effect send: 1x mono cinch
LS left: Speakon 4p
LS right: Speakon 4p

Power supply:

B x H x D = 43,5 x 9,5 x 23 cm



High noise immunity
Highly reliable
Perfect soundquality
Easy to operate
Adjustable talkover system
Extremely light weight (digital 800watt version)

Technical data
fullrange speakers

Max. SPL: 114 dB cont.
W x H x D = 34 x 44 x 29cm 9 kg
10 Inch Hi-Eff. speaker + MD horntweeter

Technical data
tops with sub

75 watts cont. 8 Ohm
Max. SPL: 111 dB cont.
W x H x D = 21 x 31,5 x 20cm 4 kg
6 Inch Hi-Eff. speaker + MD horntweeter

1000 watts cont. 8 Ohm
Max. SPL: 125 dB cont.
W x H x D = 38 x 43,4 x 40cm 23 kg
12 Inch High-Power subwoofer

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